Civil Service Preliminary Exam 2018 General Studies PDF Download

Hello Everyone, Civil Service (IAS) की तयारी करने वाले Candidates के लिए हम लाये है Civil Service Preliminary Exam 2018 General Studies PDF Book! इस बुक मे आपको पूरा syllabus तथा practice करने के लिए Previous Question Paper मिलेगा ! यह बुक Civil Service की तयारी करने के लिए काफी महत्व रखती है इस बुक को डाउनलोड करने के लिए नीस दिए गये Download Link पर  Mobile या लैपटॉप मे save कर सकते है

Civil Service Preliminary Exam 2018 General Studies PDF Download

GENERAL STUDIES PAPER – 1 For Civil Preliminary Examination


  • India: Physical Features

Prehistoric Period

  • Palaeolithic Period or Old Stone Age
  • Mesolithic Age or the Late Stone Age
  • Neolithic or The New Stone Age

Harappan civilization (2700-1700 BC)

  • Origin and Evaluation
  • The Extent
  • Important Centers
  • Major characteristics
  • Decline
  • Chalcolithic Settlements

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  1. South India
  2. Iron Age
  3. The Vedic Age
  • The Aryan Problem
  • Early Vedic Society
  • The Later Vedic Period
  • Smriti literature
  • Epics

Pre-Mauryan Period: (Sixth Century BC to Fourth Century BC)

  • Source of Information
  • Emergence of New Social groups
  • polity
  • Emergence of Mahajanapadas
  • Rise of Magadh
  • Persian Invasion
  • Alexander’s Invasion
  • Milieu of Religious Movements

The Mauryan Empire (321 – 185 BC)

  • Source Material
  • The Mauryan Conquests
  • Material Basis of the Mauryan Empire
  • Land Revenue
  • The Urban Economy
  • Society and Religion
  • Ashoka’s Policy of Dhamma
  • Mauryan Administration
  • Relations with Other Powers
  • The Downfall of the Mauryan Empire
  • Mauryan Art

India After The Mauryan (200 BC-AD 300)

  • Sources
  • The Sungas (185 – 74 BC)
  • Local Powers
  • North Powers
  • North Western India
  • Impact of Central Asian Contents
  • The Deccan
  • Sculptural Art
  • The Beginning of Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Jainism
  • The Age of the Guptas
  • The Successor of Gupta: The Age of smaller Kingdoms
  • Harsha Vardhan (AD 606-647)
  • Early Medieval India
  • The Cultural Trends 750 – 1200
  • Indian National Movement
  • 1-Indian And World Geography 
  • 2-Indian Polity And Governance
  • Economic And Social Development

Civil Service Preliminary Exam 2018 General Studies PDF Download


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