Hello students जैसा की आप जानते है की हम आपकी तयारी को सफल बनाने के लिए new books के pdf लेकर आते रहते है  इस बार हम आपके liye Lucent ‘s SSC Mathematics के free pdf लेकर आए है आप निचे से download link per click करके download कर सकते है !

Lucent's SSC Mathematics

Lucent’s SSC New Mathematics Free PDF

Lucent’s SSC Mathematics Complete Mathematics Part- 2  English Edition

Higher Mathematics


  • Algebraic Identites
  • Indices and Surds
  • Graphical Solution of Linear Equation
  • Lines and Angles
  • Congruent and Similar Triangles
  • Center of Triangle
  • Quadrilateral
  • Circle and its Trangent Lines
  • Measurement of Angle : Radian and Degree
  • Trigonometric Ratio of Specific Angles
  • Elementary Trigonometric Identities
  • Height and Distance
  • Advanced Trigonometric Identities





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