Indian Economy 14th Edition Book PDF in Hindi and English Download

Indian Economy 14th Edition Book PDF in Hindi and English Download Dear Students UPSC or IAS की तैयारी कर रहे सभी विध्यार्थी ध्यान दे हम यहाँ इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से आप सभी से Indian Economy 14th Edition Book in Hindi and English की जानकारी एवं पुस्तक की डेमो शेयर कर रहे है पिछले Indian Economy edition में दी गई महत्वपूर्ण से थोडा अलग एवं latest घटनाओ को दर्शाते हुए इस UPSC Economics book in Hindi edition में आपके पढने हेतु यह पुस्तक खास तौर पर UPSC की परीक्षा के लिए उपयोगी बनाई गई है,

इस Indian Economy पुस्तक को इंग्लिश तथा हिंदी भाषा में आप सभी पढ़ सकते है इसके अतिरिक्त हम UPSC से सम्बंधित आपको सभी पुस्तक इस पोस्ट में ही उपलब्ध कराएँगे और पकी तैयारी को बेहतर बनायेंगे, students हमें मायूसी के साथ कहना पड़ रहा है की previous complaint  की वजह से हम आपसे इस पुस्तक की पीडीऍफ़ शेयर नही कर पाएंगे परन्तु आपको इस Indian Economy पुस्तक का कंटेंट शेयर कर रहे है जो आपको इस नई पुस्तक में कौन – कौन से टॉपिक्स है ये पढने को मिलेगा इसका अंदाज़ा आप सभी लगा पाएंगे निचे दिए गए टॉपिक्स निम्नलिखित है :-

Indian Economy 14th Edition Book PDF in English 2022-23

Indian Economy 14th Edition Book PDF in Hindi and English Download
UPSC Economics book in Hindi


  1. Introduction

more than a Dismal Science, Defining Economics
Micro and Macro, What is an Economy
Economics Systems, Washington Consensus
Beijing Consensus, Santiago Consensus, National Income
Gross Domestic Product, Net Domestic Product
Gross national product, Net National product
Comparing GVA and GDP
Fixed Base to Chain Base Method Standing Committee on Economic Statistics
Income Estimates For 2021-22

2. Growth, Development, and Happiness

Progress, Economic Growth
Economic Development
Happiness, Insights into Human Behaviour
Nudge and Public Policy
COVID-19 and Development

3. Evolution of the Indian Economy

Prime Moving Force Agriculture vs Industry
Planned and Mixed Economy
Emphasis on the Public Sector

4. Economic Planning

Origin and Expansion of Planning
Types of planning

5. planning in Indian (Indian Economy)

Background, Major Objectives of Planning
Planning Commission, National Development Council Central Planning
Multi-Level Planning
Way to Decentralised Planning the Planning Commission and the Finance Commission
A Critical Evaluation, Inclusive Growth
Resource Mobilisation, Investment Models
Central Sector Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes
Independent Evaluation Office Programme Evaluation Organisation
Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office
NITI Aayog, Major Documents of the NITI Aayog
Vision Documents on Heath, NITI Performs
Beyond the Pandemic

6. Economic Reforms

Economic Reforms in India
Generations of Economic Reforms
The Reform Approach

7. Inflation and Business Cycle

Definition, Why Does Inflation Occur
tyes of Inflation, Other Variants of inflation
Other Important Terms, Inflation Targeting
Monetary Policy Anchor headline or Core Inflation
GDP Deflator, Base Effect
Effects of Inflation, Inflation in India
Wholesale Price Index, Consumer Price Index
Trends in Inflation, Producer Price Index
Housing Price Index, Service price Index
Growth Recession
Double Dip Recession

8. Agriculture and Food Management (Indian Economy)

Kharif and rabi crops, Food Philosophy of India
Land Reforms, Green Revolution
Cropping Patterns, Natural Farming
Animal Rearing, Food Management
Buffer Stock, Storage
Farm Subsidies, Food Security
PDS and Food Subsidy, Agriculture Marketing
Modal Contract Farming, Agri- Reforms Called Back
Supply Chain Management, Irrigation, Farm Mechanisation
Seed Development, Fertilizers
Pesticides, Agri Credit, Agriculture Extension Services
WTO and the Indian Agriculture Prospects and Challenges
WTO and Agriculture Subsidies AMS
National Food Security Act Food Processing, Major Policy Initiatives
Doubling Farm Income
Cash Support to Farmers, Women Farmers
Climate-Smart Agriculture, Way Forward

UPSC Economics book in Hindi pdf

9. Industry and Infrastructure (Indian Economy)

Review of Industrial Policies up to 1986
New Industrial Policy 1991, Disinvestment
Performance of CPSEs, MSME Sector
Sectoral Concerns, Textile, and Apparels
PLI Scheme, FDI Policy Measures
Ease of Doing Business, Make in India
Start-Up India, COVID-19, and Industrial Reforms
Indians Infrastructure, Power
Railways, Roads
Civil Aviation, Telecon
Minerals, Smart Cities
Private Sector and Urbanisation
PPP Models, National Infrastructure Pipeline
PM Gati Shakti

10. Services Sector

Performance Overview, Services Trade
Sectoral Situation, IT-BPM Services
Ports Shipping and Waterways
Offshore Fund Management
Manufacturing vs Service, Global Negotiations
COVID-19 and Services Sector

11. Indian Financial

Indian Money market
Mutual Funds

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