CBSE Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 PDF – All Subjects (Last 15 Years) with Solutions

CBSE Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 PDF:- You may find the CBSE Class 10 previous year board exam question papers in PDF format from 2015 to 2022 on this page. Additionally, you can refer to a variety of other resource items that we have provided. Check out the other essential materials for the 2022–2023 CBSE Class 10 Board Exam.

To familiarise themselves with crucial subjects and questions, students must practice these test questions.
In board exams, questions are frequently asked again, either directly or indirectly.
Because of this, the students must answer these questions completely.

Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 with Solutions PDF

What relevance does the CBSE Class 10 Question Paper have to students today?

Students can better comprehend what happened in the prior year’s exams and the types of questions that were asked by studying the past year’s question papers. These previous year’s question papers provide students with a framework for understanding which subjects truly receive more weight and which subjects may be subject to more individualized or general inquiries.

Why should one solve questions from previous years’ exams?

Students can evaluate their performance by completing the previous year’s exam papers. People can analyze and comprehend the prospective questions that might be asked in upcoming board examinations in addition to understanding the various types of questions that have been asked throughout the past years.

How does each of the resources benefit the pupils?

  1. Compartment and previous year’s Main Board papers are helpful for review.
  2. They aid in enhancing students’ capacity to try the paper on time in addition to giving a notion of the paper pattern and type of inquiries.
  3. You can discover some tips and strategies for answering the questions under the word limit by studying the marking scheme solutions.
  4. They are made available by CBSE so that both teachers and students can effectively respond to inquiries.
  5. The Topper Answer Sheet can be used by students to make notes about how to approach the paper professionally and perform well on the test.

CBSE Class 10 Board Previous Paper Solutions for All Subjects

1.Mathematics BasicClick Here
2.ScienceClick Here
3.Mathematics StandardClick Here
4.Social ScienceClick Here
5.English LanguageClick Here
6.Hindi-AClick Here
7.Hindi-BClick Here

Class 10th Science CBSE Previous Year Question Papers PDF

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 Social Science PDF

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English PDF

Download CBSE Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 PDF Hindi

Class 10th CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Maths With Solutions 2018

     CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 Maths 2018
Maths Question Paper 2018 (Main Exam)SET 1 PDFMarking Scheme
SET 2 PDF Marking Scheme
SET 3 PDF Marking Scheme
Maths Question Paper 2018 (Compartment)SET 1 PDFAnswers
SET 2 PDF Answers
SET 3 PDF Answers


  • Which CBSE class 10 question bank is the best?

Mathematics Oswal – Gurukul (Standard), The Most Likely CBSE Question Bank for the Class 10 Exam in 2023 will be organized by chapters and categories and will follow the new paper format (MCQs, Case, A&R Based, Previous Years’ Board Qs).

  • How does one score 95% on the tenth board?

Each paper should be solved as though it were your last. Within three hours, you will get comfortable with the paper’s solutions. By completing practice test questions from prior years, you can develop your time management abilities and achieve a 95% score.

  • Is a class 10 score of 76% acceptable?

Well, this rate is far higher than expected when choosing business or humanities. Going for science is cautiously dubious because some colleges won’t be satisfied with less than 80%. Additionally, you will also be having a lot of difficulties understanding scientific hypotheses at the same time.

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