List Of Boundary Lines Between Countries For SBI, SSC, UPSC PDF

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Here’s A Sample Question :

Which two countries share the Boundary ‘Line of Actual Control’?

  • a. India and Pakistan
  • b. India and China
  • c. India and Bangladesh
  • d. Afghanistan and Pakistan

Solution: b) India and China

List Of Boundary Lines Between Nations

List Of Boundary Lines Between Countries For SBI, SSC, UPSC PDF
List Of Boundary Lines Between Countries
Marginal LineRussia and Finland320 km line of fortification on the Russian – Finland border
 Line of Actual India and China India and China on the Northern border
 Durand Line Afghanistan and Pakistan Created when Pakistan was still a part of India
 Radcliffe lineIndia and PakistanIncludes Bangladesh line
 Blue Line Israel and Lebanon 
 Purple Line Israel and Syria 
 Greenline Israel and its NeighboursNeighbors and Egypt, Jordan Lebanon, and Syria
 Mason – Dixon line Maryland and Pennsylvania Maryland and Delaware in Colonial America
 Curzon Line Poland Russia 
Military Demarcation Line (MDL)North Korea and South KoreaAlso called Armistice Line
 McMohan line India and China Tibetan region of China and the Northeast region of India
 Maginot Line France and GermanyBuilt Before World War II to protect the eastern border of France
 Mannar Haime LineRussia and FinlandNamed during the Winter War
 Hindenburg LinePoland and GermanyAt the time of World War I
 Sigfried Line East France and Germany At the time of World War II
 Order Neisse Line Germany and Poland The aftermath of World War II
16 Parallel LineAngola and Nambia 
17 Parallel LineNorth and Nambi Vietnam 
20 Parallel northLibya and Sudan 
22 Parallel NorthEgypt and Sudan 
25 Parallel NorthMauritania and Mali
26 Parallel North Western Sahara and Mauritania 
 31 Parallel North Iraq and Iran 
 35 Parallel North  US It serves as the Border between Tennessee & Mississippi, Tennessee & Alabama, Tennessee & Georgia, North Carolina & Georgia
 36 Parallel North US It forms the southernmost boundary of the state of Missouri with the state of Arkansas
 38 Parallel North line North & South Korea 
 40 Parallel North US It serves as a border between Nebraska and Kansas
 41 Parallel North US It forms the border between Wyoming and Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, Nebraska & Colorado
42 Parallel NorthUSIt serves as the border between New York and Pennsylvania
43 Parallel NorthUSIt serves as the border between State Nebraska and the State of South Dakota
45 Parallel NorthUSIt forms the boundary between Montana and Wyoming
49 Parallel North USA and CanadaAlso called Forms the boundary between

important boundary lines of world pdf

Boundary Lines Between Countries PDF

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