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What is Software? And How Much Type Of Software in Computer

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What is Software?

Software is a Part of Computer System That Consists of Data or Instruction, in Contrast to Physical Hardware from which is the System built.  we can only see, And can work on it. Software is made to simplify working on computers.

  • Computer Software is all Information Processed by the Computer System, Program & Data.
  • Computer Software Including Computers Programs & Libraries Related non-executable Data, Such As Online Document or Digital Media.
  • Computer Hardware & Software Require Each Other & Neither can be Realistically Used on its Own.

Example of Software

  • Below is a List of the Different Kinds of Software Computer may have been be Installed with Example of Related of Programs.
  • It Should be noted that Although Software is throught a Program  it Can be Anything that runs on a  computer. Given Below Table also includes a Program Column to Clarify any Software .





YesAVG, House call, MacAfee
Audio/ Music ProgramYes

ITunes, WinAmp

Device/ Drives

NoComputer Drive

Outlook, Thunderbird


YesFootball, Quake
Internet BrowserYes

Google Chrome, Firefox

Operating System

NoAndroid, IOS, Linux
Programming LanguageYes

C++, HTML, Java, Perl

Word Processor



-:How Much Type Of Software 

There are Two Types of Software, System Software & Application Software. System Software includes the Program that are Dedicated to Managing the Computer itself, Such are Dedicated to System, File Management Utilities, & Disk Operating System. They are Given Below Example-

  1.  System Software: System Software is Includes the Programs That are Dedicated to managing the Computer itself, Such as the Operating System, File Management Utilities , & Disk operating System Or (DOS). The operating System Manages the Computer Hardware Resources in Additions to Applications & Data, Without System Software Installed in Our Computer we Should have to Types Instruction for Every think we Wanted the Computer to Do.
  2.  Application Software: It is a Software that is used for Specific Purpose, It is needed for the user to run the Programs in the Computer. Generally this Software are Developed by Using the high level Language. The Example of Application Software are Word Processing, Spread Sheet, Data Management System (DBMS), Graphics ETC.

There Are Two Types of Application Software :-

  • Packaged Software
  • Tailored Software
  1.  Packaged Software: It is Ready And Advance & Standered Software it is Used for Sprcific Purposes. It is Developed in the big warehouse by the Group of Export Software Developers Or Programmers.  For Example Microsoft C0-Operation, USA Developed the Different Type Of  Packaged Software.  Such As Microsoft Offices Packages, Microsoft Visual Basic Etc.  This Software are Required with all Essential Tools & Technology to Enhance to Expand user Productivity.
  2. Tailored Software: Tailored Software is the Special Type of Software that is Design or Developed as a Requirement of Individuals to Organization it is a Smalls Software That is Developed in high Level Language for Specific Small Purpose.

For Example That:- Accounting Software, Payrool Software, Departments Store Software, Software for Banking Etc.

  • This Software are Developed for Solving the Specific Problems of Specific User or Organization. Generally these Software are developed using the High Level Language such as COBOL, C,C ++, Java Etc.

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