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EXAM Soon,Tensed About fitness! 5 Tips for Being Healthy During Exam.

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So friends. maximum all of us suffer from this problem Exam Period  we become so tensed that we become ill it’s natural. but we should try to get over from this type of problems. this may harm our future by destroying our exams. and as you now a days who important the exams are we need to score to achieve something. if you have talent but not having a well resume then you talent is all waste. so, in today’s life we should care about our exams. for that we need o care about our body. i think all of you know that before exams our fitness is main. as i said earlier to get ill tension is enough specially in exam times.

so, here are some topic in which you need to concentrate.

#1.Headache (सरदर्द)

For headache specialy in student life Exam Period tension is very major thing. drink planty of water to avoid dehydration, study in a well-ventilated room and take regular breakes, perticularly students who wear glasses or contact lenses so as not to strain their eyes. Consult pharmacists any medication for headaches.

#2.Dehydration (निर्जलीकरण)

Make sure you drink lots of fluides throughout the day and during the exams. avoid too much coffee. from my self experiance during that fruit juice and water is best because they really helps a lot, and the juice also gives good amount of energy.

#3.Cold sores

apply a preventative cream as soon as possible and reapply the cream regularly . wash your hands before and after applying the cream to avoid the cold sore spreading. protect your lips with high factor lip balm. this are manely should take care on cold. but for those whose skin is dry type. they should use as per there need.

#4. Somach upsets

If the problem percist, your pharmacist can recommend an over the counter medicine. if constipated, drink planty of water and eat fruit and high fibre foods. for diarrhoea, drink planty of water and keep hydrated. ask your pharmacist for a remedy to help to get vitamines and minarels is severe.

#5. Havy  Fever

suffers should keep doors and windows closed in mid morning and early evening when pollen levels peak. Avoid studying out side. if taking antihistamines make sure to take tablets that do not cause drowsiness.

in this whole article there are mainly some very important things are taking huge amount of water, all try to stay energetic, take good amount of rest.


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