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The Mega YearBook 2017 – Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

  • Indian Panorama: Indian States and Union Territories, National Symbols, India’s Journey 70 years (Economic, Political, Agricultural, Scientific, Demographic, Social, Space-43 yrs); Defence and Security, Atomic and Nuclear Science, National days, Awards, Books and Authors, Scientists, Power Stations, First in male/ Female others, Superlative, Founders, Heritage Sights, Different Scientific Revolutions, Sobriquets. • World Panorama: World countries, Geographical Discoveries, National animals of countries, Countries’ official books, International Awards, Books and Authors, 7 wonders, Countries’ Intelligence Agencies, Fathers of different fields, Superlatives, Landmarks, National Emblems, International days, Sobriquets.
  • Historical, Discoverer, Political, Social, Religious, Businessmen, Geographical, Artists, Sportspersons, Space Travellers, Literary.
  • HISTORY GK Indian: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History
  • World: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History
  • POLITY GK • Indian Polity: Constitution – Making, Features of Its Framework, Statutory/Constitutional bodies, Governments (Types and levels), Institutions, Elections, Political Parties, Pressure Groups, E-Governance, E-Courts, Lokpal, NITI Ayog, Reservation, RTI, Foreign Policy, Neighbours.
  • World Polity: International Organizations, United Nations, International Relations, Important Summits, Parliaments and Political Parties of countries.
  • GEOGRAPHY GK • Physical: Universe–Developmental theories, Solar Systems, Earth, Seasons, Rocks, Mountains, Precipitation, Plains, Oceans, Atmosphere.
  • India: Physiography, Drainage, Soil, Climate, Vegetation, Agriculture, Industry, Minerals, Energy, Census – 2011.
  • World: Continents, Languages, Religions, Climatic Zones, Industrial Regions, Geographical superlatives.
  • ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT GK Ecosystem and its types; Biodiversity and its types/Loss/Conservation; Endangered species, National Parks/ Sanctuaries; Biosphere Reserves, Environmental Issues, Pollution, Global Warming, India’s initiatives; International Conventions on climate, Animal welfare, Environmental laws, Disaster Management.
  • ECONOMY GK Micro-Macro Economics, Public Finance, Indian Economy, World Economy.
  • Major Policies/Acts – At a Glance GK Various Development and Employment programmes in India –At a Glance; Women Employment programmes, Policies.
  • BUSINESS GK Business Entities, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies, Income Tax, Balance sheet, Sources of Funds, SMEs, E-commerce, MNC, Business Terms and concepts, Startup India, 19-point Action plan.
  • Foreign Trade & Investment In India GK Foreign Exchange Reserves; India’s Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE GK • Physics: Units and Dimensions, Mechanics, Properties of matters; Heat, Waves, Optics/ Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Semiconductors
  • Chemistry: Nature of matter, Structure of Atom, General Concepts, Elements, Acids/Bases/Salts, Metals/Non-metals, Electrochemistry, Minerals
  • Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics, Human blood, Human physiology, Respiration, Digestion, Excretion, Circulation, Skeleton, Sense organs, Reproduction, Plant Kingdom, Diseases, Logies in science.
  • Technology and Its Application  Biotech and Medical Innovations, Innovations in Physics–Chemistry-Biology, Technology, Space science, Defence, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Education, Transport, Banking, Business.
  • Information Technology & Computer  IT-BPM Industry, Digital Literacy, Digital India, Supercomputing, IT Trends, Net Neutrality, Biometric sensors, Mobile Trends, Google Pixel, Reliance Jio, UPI, Common Terms
  • Art and Culture GK Art forms, Indian Painters, Music, Dances, Theaters and Tourist places, Handicrafts, Festivals, Architecture.
  • Sports GK Trophies, Players in Games, National sports, Olympic Games (Summer & Winter), Paralympics, Commonwealth, Asian Games, Cricket World Cup, IPL, FIFA, Hockey, Tennis, etc.
  • Healthcare GK Infrastructure, Health programs, Major disease outbreaks recently
  • Communication, Media & Transport GK Post office, Telecommunication, Media–Print, Electronic, and Social. Transports-Landways (Roads and Railways), Waterways and Airways.
  • Film Industry GK • Indian film Industry • World Film Industry
  • Education & Career GK 10+2 and Graduation-Specialization and their scope (Infographics), Most Wanted Careers (Infographics), Education System in India/MHRD, CBSE, CISE, IB, NCERT, NIOS, AICTE, UPSC, SSC, IBPS, NEET, JEE, etc.
  • English Language GK Grammar, Idioms, and Phrases, Word Formations/Substitutions, Prefixes, Suffixes, Phobias, Logies.
  • General Aptitude & Personality Development GK
  • Quizzes GK • National • International • Science • Finance

Disha Mega Yearbook 2017 PDF Download

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