1. Who has recently been appointed as Director General of UNESCO?
Audrey Agolay has been appointed as Director General of UNESCO. Azole is the former Sanskrit minister of France. Azole is the Director General of the 11th DG and the second woman to be appointed as Director General of UNESCO
2. Where has recently been announced to set up the largest butterfly park in northern India?
The largest butterfly park in northern India has been announced in Gururgram. This park will be developed with the help of a non-governmental organization, Utthan. Currently Bengaluru has the largest butterfly conservation park in India, in which more than 30,000 butterflies reside.
3. Who was Mary Curie?
Mary Curie was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize. His research done in the field of Radio Active is still called the best. He was awarded the Nobel Prize twice. Even today, he is the first woman to be awarded Nobel Prize for Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911). They are known for the ‘theory of radio activity’ as well as for exploration of polonium and radium chemistry.
4. Who was Kunwar Narayan?
Kunwar Narayan was a famous poet. He was honored with the 41st Gyanpeeth Award. He has been awarded the Sahitya Akademi and the Padma Bhushan Award. His first book ‘Chakravyuh’ came in 1956. He has passed away recently
5. Who has recently been honored with Bal Aayad?
Bal Award has been honored by Surya, the recipient of Udaipur. The Surana Speed ​​Skating has won 62 medals, including 4 International Gold.
6. Who has won the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix race recently?
Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Ferrari won by Sebastien Vettel. This is Vettel’s fifth win of this year. Germany’s weightlifter has won the Brazilian Grand Prix race, leaving behind Mercedes’s Volterie Botas. In this race, Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen got third place. This victory of Weightlank has resulted in driver scores 302 in the championship.
7. Which game is related to Saeed Ajmal?
Saeed Ajmal is related to cricket. Saeed Ajmal plays the role of off-spinner bowler in the Pakistan cricket team. Ajmal has taken 178 wickets in 35 Test matches, 184 wickets in 113 ODIs and 85 wickets in 64 T20 internationals. Ajmal has recently announced his retirement from cricket.
8. When did the United States demand to hand over Gaddafi to the accused of the Lockerbie blast?
The US had demanded to hand over Gaddafi to the accused of the Lockerbie blast in 14 November 1991. These accused were found guilty in 193 cases in the US. There were three such cases in which death sentence could have been done. In Scotland, a warrant was issued in connection with the murder and conspiracy of these Libyan accused. These cases were related to explosions in December 1988 Pan-M aircraft 103 When the plane was going from London to New York, then there was an explosion in the plane in Scotland’s Lockerbie. 259 people aboard this plane were killed.
9. World Diabetes Day is celebrated?
World Diabetes Day is celebrated on 14th November every year. Diabetes is caused by decreasing the discharge of insulin by the pancreas in the body, which increases blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol and fat content of these patients also become abnormal. Diabetes is a life-threatening illness associated with other health related diseases. This day is celebrated with the aim of creating awareness among people towards diabetes. This year the subject of World Diabetes Day is “Women and Diabetes-Our Right for a Healthy Future”
10. International Das custom eradication day is celebrated?
International Das custom eradication day is celebrated on December 2 every year. “Das tradition” is prevalent in ancient times in most countries of the world. This day “is celebrated with the aim of ending slavery from the entire world.

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